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 I have built this website as a database on Eco- Tourism and Wildlife in North Bengal and Sikkim. The State's West Bengal ( North Bengal ) and Sikkim, has rich variety of Flora & Fauna and rich cultural diversity in it's people. As compared to other tourism spots in  the world, North Bengal and Sikkim's rank would be on Top Ten List. And all us have to agree that "Darjeeling is the Queen of the Hills". 

The site is constructed for people of the world, so that they can know the rich diversity of North Bengal and Sikkim. The site is not only for tourists but for all nature lovers and we want the contribution of these people to conserve nature in this part of the world.

Mass deforestation, overgrazing and poaching is common in the forests of North Bengal and Sikkim. Many species of Plants and Animals have reached extinction level. So  WWF, The Local Government Authorities and People of the entire globe have to work together to conserve nature here. Otherwise it will become too late. Already the climate in the plains of North Bengal has changed, it has become warm, rainfall has dried up, only due to deforestation.

This website want to promote Eco- Tourism in North Bengal and Sikkim. Eco- Tourism not only benefits nature but also the local people, if tourism can flourish here, then we can see a steady rise of peoples livelihood.   

We have built this site as a non profit database of North Bengal and Sikkim. The contents of this website is open to all. Feel free to browse the entire sections of this website.

My Love Story With Computer :-

When I started building this website I have very little knowledge of Computers, I learned computers by myself, I become a master on this subject last June (  25/06/2001 ), when I got a computer as a gift form my parents. After that I cautiously learned many programs, and within few days I began to experiment with my machine and due to this my computer crashed on the 3rd day of purchase. My computer vendor repaired it free of cost, but again after two days it crashed, this time my computer vendor is not going to repair it free of cost, and would be very angry, so I approached my brother ( Joydeep Bhattacharjee ) who gave me address of a different computer vendor, that vendor installed all the software's at a very minimum price. For six months that worked fine, after this I was fed up with crashes, so I decided to purchase Microsoft Windows 98 and Microsoft Office 2000. Now, crashes are a child's play to me. But from this crashed I learned a lot. 

After this I started building my webpages on Microsoft FrontPage 2000, day by day I learned using new tools and trick's. I have also tried Macromedia's Dream Weaver, but believe me FrontPage is the best. All the HTML codes are given as tools, so it is very easy for those who have no knowledge of HTML.  All the pages designed in the this website is by Microsoft FrontPage 2000. I think it is the best available website building tool in market. 

I build this website on a super fast computer, Powered by Intel Pentium-3 Processor (850 Mhz). Working in my computer is really fun, every thing happens in a eye blink.

So, for these I want to thank Microsoft Corporation and Intel.

The Website is Dedicated to :-

This Website is specially dedicated to my Mother, Father, my teacher Mr. B.B. Bhattacharjee, my brother Joydeep Bhattacharjee ( Who gave me ideas for building this site ), beside this he inspired me to build a very good website, my friends, relatives and to all nature lovers in the globe.

I want to thank to Mr. Zubin Medora, for providing me data and photographs of Darjeeling, without him, Darjeeling would have been incomplete. Government of West Bengal gave us data of Wildlife in North Bengal, specially the officials of Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary, helped me a lot. I want to thank Mr. Purna Kr. Ray of Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary. 

Government of Sikkim has helped us in collecting data about Sikkim and providing us many photographs of Sikkim. 

I would also like to thank various organizations like WWF, Discovery Channel, National Geographic India, Lonely Planet Publications,, The Statesman ( Famous news page of India ). 

Contact Me :-

The visitors to this website are requested to contact me, if they want any sort of information about any part of North Bengal or Sikkim, they can call me on phone, e- mail, or send me their letters.

My Name : Suvankar Sanyal, Church Road, Gopal Bhawan 2nd Floor, City : Siliguri, Zip/ Pin: 734401, Dist: Darjeeling, State: West Bengal, India. 

Phone : +91 0353 521938 / 562550

E- Mail:, 

This website is designed by :-

The site is constructed by: Suvankar Sanyal, ( Chief Designer and Data Collector )

NThe contents of the entire site is copyrighted, some part of Data is owned by me, some by Zubin Medora and by other organizations.No part of the publication or pictures can be copied by any person or authorities, N.G.O.'s, Non- Profitable organizations or any third person. If found guilty of possessing copyrighted material, he or she or the organization will be prosecuted to maximum extent under Information Technology Act of Indian Government.