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There are many fascinating places outside Siliguri, mainly recommended for Picnic and outdoor activites. 

(1) Mahananda Wild life Sanctuary at Sukna : A must see wild life sanctuary 11 kms. away from Silguri, this forest consists of 300 Botanical plants and declared Wild Life Sanctuary in 1976. Situated on National Highway-55, this Sanctuary attracts different species of migratory birds in winter. For more information visit the website of Mahananda Wild Life Sanctuary.

(2) Madhuban Park : Maintained by the Indain Army, is also an excellent picnic site with a distance of 17 kms. from Siliguri.

(3) Sevoke Kali Temple & Coronation Bridge : Situated 20 kms. away from Siliguri is an adobe of Goddess Kali, called Sevokeswari Kali Temple. Near Sevokeswari Kali Temple on the river Teesta, this bridge built in the year 1930, is exhibiting a relic of British excellence in design and architecture .

(4) Kalijhora : 28 kms. away from siliguri on National Highway-31 A, is offering you with all its natural spectacular provisions to arrange picnic by the side of river Teesta.

(5) ISCKON MANDIR : Dedicated to Lord Krishna, it is one of the finest temple in North Bengal. Till now the temple is under construction. It will be completed on April 2002. The top of the dome is covered with gold sheet. The construction of the temple had cost more than $ 4500000. Devotees of Lord Krishna has donated for this noble cause. It is situated on Anchal, Ektiasal Road, 3-km from Siliguri.

(6) Baikunthpur Forest : It is one of the finest places of picnic outside Siliguri. Dense growth of sal trees covers the entrance to the forest. Inside the forest a Temple of Baba Loknath is situated. Baikunthpur Forest has a fine restaurant on the outskirt. Every sort of food item is available there. For more information click Baikunthpur Forest.

(7) Mongpong : A 32-km drive away from Siliguri, Mongpong is probably the most mesmerizing landscape of the Eastern Himalayas. The banks of the lilting Tista under the floating clouds will offer you some unforgettable picnic spots. You also can trek through the virgin forests. The sight of flickering ripples in the Tista in a moonlit night will take you to the world of sublime dream. The cool breeze and soft melting glow of the sun will infuse a new life in you. Your Nest: Mongpong Forest Lodge.

(8) Samsing : The distance of Samsing from Siliguri via Chalsa is 81 km. The drive from Chalsa through the lush green tea gardens sets the mood of the trip. The land of floating clouds, meandering mountain streams and endless maze of green will leave an everlasting sense of satisfaction in your heart. Samsing is full of fascinating flying beauties, the birds. Any keen watcher of this feathered biped will fall in love with the spot. Staying on the bank of the Suntaley you will listen to the eternal tunes of water. The picnicking on the bank of the Suntaley or a drive through the steep serpentine way to Tree Fern Point and Mo with only nature as your companion worth remembering all the life. For the adventurous souls Samsing offers excellent terrain for trekking. The hills with green all around will never let you feel alone in this divine landscape. Your Nest: Samsing Forest Rest House.

(9) Tarkhola : Tarkhola is 88 km away from Siliguri. But it has a distance of 30 km from Kalimpong and only 10 km from Rongpo (Sikkim). With the touch of haunting wild Tarkhola can provide something very special to you. Keep your eyes wide open and you will come across the nonstop show of nature's extravaganza. Endless shades of green and the music of supreme silence will fill you with the ever elusive pure euphoria. have a peak at Tarkhola and your life will never be the same again. It is a place for sports with flavors of mountain. Hand Gliding, Rafting in the fast moving streams, Rock Climbing or Trekking through the virgin forests will take you to the world of challenging encounters. Your Nest: One can enjoy Tarkhola by staying at Rongpo or Kalimpong as they are quite near and can meet up all the necessities of you.

(10) Jaldhaka : A journey from Siliguri towards Bindu- Jhalong via Chalsa- Khunia crossing will take you to this charming landscape which is about 35 km from Chalsa. The hydel power project is a star attraction here. At Bindu and Paren nature is at her mystic best. You can trek from Todey Tangta to Rechila through Neora Valley National park down to Lava. Your Nest: Jaldhaka Tourist Lodge.

(11) Suntaleykhola : 85 km away via Samsing from Siliguri, Suntaleykhola is a place in the backdrop of glistering green and blue sky with the touch of everlasting beauty. Trekking from Samsing to Suntaleykhola will bring you closer to the nature. The sinuous flow of mountain streams will whisper in your heart. The music of the rustling  leaves and the hide and seek of shadows with the trickling sunrays through the conifer leaves will take you to a pure and pristine world. Just brace the nature and forget everything else. Your Nest: Suntaleykhola Guest House.

(12) Murti : Murti, in the near vicinity of Gorumara Reserve Forest is 73 km away from Siliguri. Be a guest to this land of elephants. Nature reveals herself here with amazing intricacy. The refreshing green , clean air and the blue sky will take you to get a glimpse of those, which this  paradise can offer during your stay. A visit to Gorumara Interpretation Centre will help you to get a glimpse of those, which the paradise can offer during your stay. A visit to Gorumara and Chapramari forests would give you  the real feel of lush green virgin woodland. There is Gayatri Watch Tower to give you a eagles eye-view of the green cover all around.

(13) Rasik Bill : Siliguri to Alipurduar is 178 km. 34 km away from Alipurduar (via Highway), Rasik Bill is situated on the way of train journey from Alipurduar to Kamakshyaguri. Never forget - this water body simply belongs to the winged beauties. The fluttering of colorful feathers and the signature tunes of these sprightly little flying creatures make this water body a paradise of bird watchers. The elegance effused by their movements will put you in a trance. Boating in the Rasik Bill under the blue sky with birds flying everywhere of graciously swimming nearby is something beyond description. The local Deer Park and the Children Park will keep your young companion happily engaged. An Aquarium and Interpretation Centre are coming up shortly. Your Nest: Rasik Bill Nature Education and Wilderness Resort.

(14) Rohini : Siliguri to Rohini is 30 km. Situated in the foothills of Himalayas, the place is ideal for a day's picnic or a short tour. The place has a fine lake, which is man built and boating can be done. In the upper part of Rohini a temple is situated with a beautiful lake, the cool air and ecstasy of the place brings divinity to the soul. From a view point near the temple, entire Sub- Himalayan Ranges could be seen in a clear day. Last year ( 2001 ) Rohini was D.G.H.C. main tourism festival's center. 

Note: This page is a brief description of some fascinating places outside. On our wildlife section, we have given details of some places given above